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Public Programs

April 2015

Maple Sugaring
Monday, April 6th

$4 per person, members:no charge
Come to Up Yonda and discover the craft that has become a legend in the northeast. As the sun begins to warm the trunks of sugar maple trees, sap starts to flow. This marks the start of the sugaring season in the Adirondacks. Join us for Maple Sugar Basics and enjoy the process that yields sweet rewards! We'll tap, collect, and boil the sap of sugar maples on the property. We'll cover all the steps to get from sap to syrup.

Spring Gardening
Tuesday, April 7th
$4 per person (members: no charge)
Spring will be here eventually. What can you do to get ready to make your garden a success for you and the wildlife around you? We’ll talk about the plants that are good to grow for butterflies, birds and helpful insects as well as plants that deer and rabbits tend to avoid. We’ll answer questions about invasives and what kind of things you might want to avoid planting.

Spring Fever Hike
Wednesday, April 8th and Saturday, April 11th
$4 per person (members: no charge)
Take a walk with a naturalist and explore the signs of spring! We’ll be searching for signs of spring flowers, birds, animal tracks in the mud and whatever else we can find!

Natural Heritage
Thursday, April 9th and Saturday, April 18th

$4 per person (members: no charge)
Discover the official species and symbols of New York State.  We'll learn about the beaver, brook trout, eastern bluebird and more!

Build a Bluebird House
Friday, April 10th
$12 per kit  woodworking  (members $7) Build a Bluebird house for you property. You'll learn more about the State Bird of New York during this informative and fun woodworking program! All our kits are pre-cut and easy to assemble. Call 644-9767 or register online now

Pond Life
AKA: Aquatic Adventure
Saturday, April 25th

$4 per person, members: no charge
Discover the creatures that live in and around a freshwater pond. Take a closer look at the water boatman, giant water bug, dragonfly nymph and other aquatic insects that many people have never seen. Observation in larval and adult stages makes metamorphosis believable. Find out how these animals have adapted to life underwater, and how they are all connected to each other. This program encourages hands-on participation through net sampling of bottom sediments. Don't worry, we may also see frogs and fish.


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