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July 2013

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Honey Bees
AKA: The Pollinators
July 1st, 2nd, and 3rd
$5 per person, members: no charge
What attracts the honeybee to the flower? These social insects work full time for the colony. See how pollination results in the production of honey. Watch the worker bees toil behind the glass in our observation hives. See if you can find the queen, and look for emerging young. You'll see some of the tools of beekeeping and learn why bees are so beneficial to all of us.

Nature Journaling
July 5th
$5 per person (members:no charge)
Create and decorate a journal. Learn how to make and record observations and begin to fill in your nature notebook. Bring your journal on any Saturday this summer and get journaling and sketching ideas from the naturalist for free! This program for adults and children!

Pond Life
AKA: Aquatic Adventure
July 8th, 9th, 19th, 22nd and 23rd

$5 per person, members: no charge
Discover the creatures that live in and around a freshwater pond. Take a closer look at the water boatman, giant water bug, dragonfly nymph and other aquatic insects that many people have never seen. This program encourages hands-on participation through net sampling of bottom sediments. Don't worry, we may also see frogs, fish, and turtles.

Intro to Wildlife Forensics
July 10th,11th,and 12th
$5 per person, members: no charge
This 2-hour program is for ages 12 and up. We will look at crimes against wildlife and learn some of the skills pathologists use to help solve these crimes. Fingerprints, animal hair identification, and tracks & tracking will be a few of the things we look at during this class. Pre-registration is suggested.

July 15th, 16th, 17th, 24th and 25th

$5 per person (members: no charge)
Graceful and colorful creatures decorate Up Yonda's butterfly garden. Get a close-up view of butterflies, learn how to identify them, and use nets to try and catch some of them in our field!

Solar Energy
July 18th

$5 per person (members: no charge)

This program will feature solar activities with make and take projects that are fun and informative. We will make solar ovens, and put them to use cooking up s'mores. There will be solar bracelets that change color with light. We’ll also learn how to change sunlight into electricity. These are simple and fun projects that demonstrate the importance of solar energy. This program is great for ages 5 to the curious adult. Bring the family!  Guest presenter Bob Hodash is a Junior high school science teacher in California.

Full Moon Hike
July 22nd

$5 per person. members:no charge
Join us for a peaceful evening as we take a full moon hike to our beautiful Lake George Vista.

Build a Butterfly House
July 26th
$8 per kit, members $5   woodworking program
Build a butterfly house for your garden. These kits are ready to assemble with our staff and will make a colorful addition to your property.
Please register for this program in advance.

Wildland Fire Program
July 30th
$5 per person. Members: no charge
Land managers directly affect how and where fires are allowed to burn by managing wildfires and also by setting controlled burns. Guest presenter Linda White of the National Park Service will cover this interesting and controversial topic.

Backyard Birds
July 29th and 31st

$5 per person (members: no charge)
Birds are beautiful and fun to watch. Come and learn how to identify birds in your backyard. Bring your binoculars and be ready to hike.

Nature Adventure Packs
$5 per person (members: $3)
Rent a Nature Adventure Pack 'NAPS' and explore Up Yonda at your pace.
These are featured on Saturdays but available to rent any day of the week.  

Insects  a self-guided adventure
Using self-guided props take this fun filled pack on an adventure around Up Yonda Farm and get an up close look at the wonderful world of insects.  
Pond Life  a self-guided adventure
Learn about the creatures that live in a pond. This bag will provide the young naturalist with all of the hands-on tools needed to take peak at life in a pond.

Nature Journaling  Bring your nature journal on any Saturday and get journaling and sketching ideas from the naturalist. The initial cost is $5 for the first session and after that it's free! This program is for adults and children!

















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worker bee
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