Junior Naturalist Program

The Up Yonda Farm Environmental Education Center Junior Naturalist Program is designed for children 5-12 years old and has the following goals:

  • To awaken and stimulate a curiosity about nature
  • To encourage and instill an appreciation for nature
  • To suggest proper stewardship of our earth
  • To develop a connection with nature
  • To inspire our next generation to be good stewards of the earth
  • To learn the ecology, geography, and history of a new environment through hands-on exploration
  • To learn what each of us can do to help our environment
  • To respect the world around us
  • To be responsible in doing our part to improve the quality of nature

Each season the Up Yonda Farm Naturalists will post a new Junior Naturalist Field Guide.  In each guide you will find a list of activities and things to get you outside observing and discovering. When you complete what you can, upload pictures of what you did to the post below and tell us how it went and we’ll send you a prize!

Fall 2020

Click on the post below to get to the downloadable workbook and to upload pictures/descriptions/videos of your completed work.