Outreach Programs and Programs by Request

Outreach Programs or On-Site by Request

Up Yonda Farm’s staff can present a wide variety of topics either at Up Yonda Farm or come to your location. Our nature programs can be a great supplement to the classroom education received by your students. The programs we offer compliment New York State core curricula, are NGSS aligned, and give the students an opportunity to learn in a very hands-on environment. All of our programs are offered rain or shine and can be presented indoors and outdoors.

  • Off-Site Cost:
    • $125 per hour for Warren County locations (plus materials)
    • $150 per hour for locations outside of Warren County, NY (plus materials)
  • On-Site Cost:
    • $5 per person plus material costs
  • Time:
    • Teacher chosen 20-90 minute sessions that can be scheduled consecutively anytime between 8:30 AM-3:00 PM
  • Group Size:
    • Maximum of 50 students per session
  • Off-Site Requirements:
    • Large open room
    • Smart Board or use of a screen, computer, and projector
    • Outside area for hiking, exploring, and/or group activities
    • If any of these requirements are not possible please let the staff at Up Yonda Farm know so other arrangements can be made.
  • Program Contents:
    • The naturalists at Up Yonda Farm are willing to work with all teachers to create a program suited to your class needs. We are willing to develop a new program based on a topic not listed below as well as adapting current programs to fit a specific request.

Program topics can be presented at Up Yonda Farm or at your location

Monarch Butterflies – Learn about this fascinating insect and its annual migration. Discover the life cycle and body parts of butterflies and help a naturalist tag and release Monarchs as part of the University of Kansas’ Monarch Watch Program. This program can only take place during September.

Changing Trees – Discover why trees are an important natural resource for humans and wildlife. Learn how trees grow and the parts of a tree through hands-on activities. Take a hike and learn to identify common local species.

Ready or Not – When winter comes, animals need to be prepared to cope with cold temperatures and snow. Learn about animal survival skills including; migration, hibernation, dormancy and adaptation. Discover Adirondack wildlife through skulls, pelts, specimens and animal tracks.

Planetarium – Learn to identify some of the constellations in our sky and hear about the mythology behind them. You will become familiar with star patterns, their names and locations, and even how they are created. This program uses StarLab, a portable planetarium and has limited audience space. Our StarLab also supports Earth Science classes with both Regents Astronomy and Plate Tectonics presentations and Life Science with the Biological Cell presentation.

Snowshoeing – Learning to snowshoe is a blast! Learn about the creation of snowshoes and the history of the sport, then it is off to try it yourself as you are led on a naturalist-guided hike. This programs is weather dependent

Natural Heritage – The topics covered include our New York State symbols and their meaning, as well as the natural formation of our state’s mountains, lakes and rivers.

The Pollinators – Learn about the lives of the fascinating honeybee and other local pollinators. What makes a bee a bee? Find out as you learn about the body parts of an insect. You will also explore the roles of the different bees in the hive and find out how bees are beneficial for people and other animals. Students will also see the parts of a hive and learn about beekeeping. Don’t worry, no live bees.

Pond Life – Discover all of the animals that live in and around a pond and learn to identify them. See how the insects, fish, turtles and plants depend on each other in a food chain, as we build a pond together. Please be aware that this program does have live pond life. This topic only requires 45 minute stations

Animal Adaptations – Figure out how animals are able to survive by finding food, water, and shelter in a variety of habitats. Discover animal adaptations through animal skulls, pelts, specimen’s and a PowerPoint presentation.

Wild Things – Discover the fascinating lives of reptiles and amphibians. Learn more about snakes, newts, turtles and many others. Figure out the difference of these groups of animals with the help of Reptile vs. Amphibian props. If available there will be a few, small, native live animals

Dark Wings – Discover the creatures that rule the night -bats and owls. See the lighter side of these animals who have long been a source of fear in the dark.

All About Birds – Birds are beautiful and fun to watch. Discover what makes a bird a bird, and learn how to identify birds in your backyard. Students will take part in activities to help teach them adaptations and general bird characteristics.

Woodworking – Woodworking programs at Up Yonda Farm make a great hands on outing! All our kits are pre-cut, drilled and ready to assemble. Even youngsters can participate with the help of an adult. Projects include: bluebird houses, bird feeders, bat houses, walking sticks, bug boxes, and more. These are offered as part of our public program schedule. Woodworking can also be arranged well in advance for school and group programs. Woodworking does require an additional fee per kit. Please inquire about kit options when requesting the program.